Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We're Really Here?!

After months of anticipation, we've arrived in Switzerland safely. It's hard to believe! We had an uneventful trip; thank-you Jesus! We hit the ground running and are having a wonderful time connecting with Helimission leadership and other missionary candidates. We are having times of worship and prayer, question and answer sessions, and times where we each share how God has moved in our lives.

During the next few days we will work together on service projects in the local community (Trogen) and spend much more time together searching God's heart for HM and for the Stephens family.

Please praise God with us for His faithfulness! We know He is at work. Also, please pray for us and all of the candidates to surrender our hearts to Him even more each day, so that we may move forward in His will.

Thank-you! We love each one of you!

Michael and Fawn Stephens

P.S. Here is HM's website - some of you have asked for it.


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