Thursday, June 13, 2013

Switzerland (and Austria, Germany, and Lichtenstein) from the helo!

We received an AMAZING blessing today. We got to fly in a Helimission helicopter over the small mountains and valleys near the HM headquarters. Michael got to "stick the bird" (fly) and had a great time. This was a surprise for all of us candidates and it was so special.

Michael flying over Switzerland (Germany is in the distance)

Some of the "Mini-Alps" near us (about 7,800')

Switzerland and Lichtenstein

A Swiss family village

We are SO blessed!

The "dudes" of CDC 2013   

One of the ways we have been most blessed during this week is by being able to be under the teachings of and being able to just be with Ernie and Hedi Tanner, the founders of HM. They are in their late 80s and have some drop-your-jaw stories. The last two mornings, Ernie has led our devotion time and has been incredibly real and inspiring. He is truly a man after God's own heart, and we are privileged to spend this time with him.

Teaching us about the Holy Spirit

"That's my Jesus!"

We've also been so grateful to spend time with Simon Tanner, Ernie and Hedi's son, as he shares the vision of HM. We are confident in the blessings of Jesus over this organization and get so excited, along with Simon, at the ways He is leading us all forward.

Simon teaching

Michael at the controls, with Simon next to him

Simon giving a lesson on chocolate (I LOVE Switzerland - there's chocolate everywhere!)
 The first thing we said when we got on the train to Trogen from Zurich was that Switzerland looks just like Oregon! It was even a bit misty and cloudy that day. It is very beautiful, and has been sunny the last two days. Here are some scenery shots:
A nearby village

The "Mini-Alps", getting fogged in - looks a little like home!

The neighbors behind

Helimission Headquarters (read previous post)

We have also done a bit of work around the property, and some for the neighbors behind (there are several families that live down the road you see in the picture above). We worked hard, and of course, played hard. :)

Cutting and stacking firewood

Some clearing for a rainwater-path

Simon beheading Daniel, like John the Baptist maybe?

Swiss mountain man

With a smiley of dirt on his shirt

"Sznooni" - 9 o'clock break time

This one is for you Kalem and Adria! :)

Ernie and Hedi gardening
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for praying! We feel them, and we know the Lord is with us.

We will have much more to tell you.

Michael and Fawn

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