Sunday, September 30, 2012

ATP!!!! and Adventures of Fall

We have fantastic news! Michael has earned his Airline Transport Rating (ATP) for helicopters. This is the highest rating a pilot can earn and is highly regarded in the industry. He's worked so hard and has been carried by God's grace the whole way. When he started flight school 4 years ago, we had no idea how far our God would take him. It brings to mind the verse in Ephesians: "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen." (Eph 3:20-21) Thank-you Jesus!

Now that we are at the tail-end of flight school (ATP multi-engine airplane is the next and last rating) our vigor for overseas aviation missions has been refreshed again, something we know is of the Lord. We have started filling out paperwork for a missions agency we have been in contact with for a few years, and expect to turn it in soon. Please be praying with us that we trust God through the process, and are attentive to His leading. So many of you have had a crucial part in our journey, and we ask you to continue partnering with us in prayer. It is our goal to be full-time missionaries wherever the Lord will take us, for however long He will use us that way. We are convinced that our lives and our gifts and talents belong to Him, and that using them for His glory is the most satisfying life possible.

Adria's soccer team - Palto helps coach

In regards to current, daily life, as we have officially moved into fall, we've had some familiar favorites (homemade applesauce, soccer, and crisp mornings) and some new adventures (living in RV parks and moving every couple of weeks). Here in Oregon we are enjoying a late summer with beautiful, warm, sunny days. We'll take 'em! We've enjoyed some time near Newberg over the last 10 days. Now, we are near Coos Bay, OR for a fire standby contract. Obviously we don't want forest fires to start, but if they do, it will be great experience for Michael! We'll probably be here for a week or so; and we are excited that my (Fawn's) mom is coming for a visit. The Oregon coast is one of her favorite places in the world, and she couldn't resist when we invited her to come for a bit
Beach time with Palto

Pacific City, OR
Just before school started for Palto, we all got to have a weekend at the beach. It was sunny and beautiful, and we had a wonderful time. He is still full-time at Portland Community College in pre-nursing. He has just finished his CNA course and is looking for a CNA job. He is living with some dear friends of ours and is loving it. Please keep his family in prayer. Recently, one of the big tents that their church body meets under blew down (again) and was destroyed. They need anothe one to be able to reach out to the community around them with the love of Christ.
Headed Out of Newberg

Thank-you for continuing to participate with us as we embark on this new journey and season in our lives. We love each and every one of you, and always want you to be a part of our lives, no matter where we are. Blessings!


Monday, September 10, 2012

School! and an Eternal Perspective...

The air is crisp, the soccer cleats are out, and school has started! We had our first official day of home school today and had a great time! We love doing school in our new classroom in the 5th wheel. It is cozy and roomy at the same time. We all agreed that we are in for a great year.

First day of school
Our Heavenly Father has been speaking to our hearts lately about a certain theme; having an eternal perspective. This morning I read in Luke and John about the disciple James, and three noticeable things about him. The first thing that struck me was that he was short-tempered and the second was that he was selfish. His short fuse was shown when the Samaritans didn't approve of Jesus coming to their city and James and John wanted to call down fire from Heaven to kill them. In my own understanding, I imagine Jesus to have been quite frustrated with this, in His patient, gracious way. He rebuked them, basically saying "You have no idea who I really am, or why I'm here if you want to do that." (And this is after they saw Jesus glowing on the mountainside during his transfiguration, while God's voice came from the heavens to declare who Jesus was/is.)

Their selfish natures were exhibited when they asked Jesus to promise them each a special place in His kingdom, thinking only of an earthly kingdom. They had enjoyed being in Jesus' special group of disciples and could see enjoying that to an even higher degree for the rest of their lives, being "high-ups" in the greatest kingdom on Earth.

See, James and John couldn't understand what Jesus' long-term plan was. The most they could imagine was that He was on Earth to free Israel from the Roman rule, which was, in their minds, their biggest problem. They never could have imagined that glorifying His Father and billions of souls (mine, yours) over thousands of years was what was on Jesus' mind and heart. They didn't understand that eternity and an eternal, spiritual kingdom was what motivated Jesus.

The third thing that I noticed, and that encouraged me greatly, was that James loved Jesus with all his heart, and wanted to be with Him. He was the first to die for Jesus in fact. Jesus knew this and loved James' heart, even though he had flaws. I LOVE that Jesus chose disciples who were flawed, who didn't always "get it" right away. I have many flaws, and I certainly don't always get it. I have a hard time seeing God's eternal plan and often am only looking at what's right in front of me; at what I think are big problems. But I love Jesus with all my heart and want to be with Him forever. He knows that, and loves it. I prayed this morning that He would help me to see everything in my life today through an eternal perspective. I want to see His bigger picture.

Having a little fun....
We, Michael and I and the kids, want our lives to matter in an eternal way. We want to see beyond our daily goings-on as only that. We want to see them as part of an eternal plan in which we are blessed to participate.

Eternity's already here! Blessings to you today!