Monday, May 27, 2013

From Fear to Faith

We are on our way to Switzerland in 12 days, a place far different than where we are, or where we hope to land in the near future. Literally, land, as in a helicopter. Our hearts are heavy for people in the reaches of these mountainous jungles who have no hope, who live in fear. While we are in Switzerland, where Helimission is headquartered, we will be deciding (as will HM) if this IS the path the Lord has for our family.

We ourselves have been taken from fear to faith, and live abundantly because of His grace. We are aching to share that message with people who've never been given the hope of living free in the Name of Jesus Christ. It's a scary proposition, moving your family to a completely foreign, distant and confusing land. There could be a lot to be afraid of, IF we didn't live on faith.

For we walk (and fly, and parent, and share hope with others) by faith, not by sight....
2 Corinthians 5:7

Please pray with us over the next month - for wisdom and courage, and enduring faith!

Michael and Fawn

P.S. We give God ALL the glory in reporting that we are fully funded for our trip. He has worked through His people again! Thank-you for partnering with Him and with us. May He bless you abundantly!


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