Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We have a million things to say.

And no words.

Sometimes God moves in such a way that we are left speechless, but certainly not "thought-less". Our minds are racing with all the ways God is confirming our future with Helimission. We are so touched by His care and thoughtful ways, and are at peace with how He is paving our way. We can't wait to share with each of you how it is evident He is at work in this.

One quick example is that of the 7 of us who are here at Candidate Decision Camp this year (a smaller group than normal) 5 are American (very abnormal; most are usually European), 1 is Canadian, and the other, a Swiss, is the fiancé of the Canadian. That is unique in and of itself, but the kicker is that all of us live within a 5 hour drive - Vancouver B.C, Seattle, and Portland area. This is incredible! We have bonded incredibly as a team, and plan to have fellowship once we all return to the States and Canada. The staff of Helimission are amazed - they've never had such a quickly-unified (by locality) group before. We are all excited because this means the North American contingent of Helimission is growing!

This picture is of part of the Helimission headquarters. It is actually the home of Ernst and Hedi Tanner, who started HM in 1971, by using the home as collateral to buy the first helicopter. Ernie added onto the home to use for guests several years later, and also built the A-frame building to use as a church building (now the offices of HM). Ernie and Hedi's son, Simon Tanner, and his family also live on the property. The helicopter hangar is behind and below the offices.

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