Who Are We?

Michael and Fawn married in 2003 in Coronado, California, while Michael was a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. He is now retired, after 21 years of service with the Navy and Marines, and is a helicopter and airplane pilot. We live near Portland, Oregon and are preparing to move, in January 2015, to Papua, Indonesia for three years to serve missionaries and tribes there with helicopters, and whatever other abilities we have that might be useful. Most of all, we love Jesus.

Two of our children, Kalem and Adria, will be moving to Indonesia with us. They are excited, and a little nervous. Adria is not happy about the prospect of Komodo Dragons, unless she gets to carry around a machete, which makes her very happy. Kalem is excited to live amongst a new people group, but like his mother, is not looking forward to the spiders.

To quote Toby Mac, "We don't think we anybody cool." But, God does, and because of that, He died for us. We just want to go tell others about that, too, who may not hear about it unless a helicopter flies in to do so.

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