Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Our good friend Ralph recently dubbed us as "gypsies" and we rather like it. We even considered having Michael wear a poofy shirt and a big gold hoop earring for our first blog picture, but that was just taking it too far. Especially if you know Michael very well.

We're officially on the road!

"What?!" you say? "What road?" Well, a variety of roads, really. Mostly in the western part of the country. Most of you know that we've recently moved into a 5th wheel (pictured on the right) and are living "on the go". We've been at it 5 days now and are in our 3rd campground. We are having a lot of fun. All 3 of the parks have been really cool, covered with trails and creeks.

The BEST part so far has been the process of drastically reducing our personal belongings. We went from a 2-story 4 bedroom, 2 bath home in the country (aka, lots of storage) to a 45' 5th wheel and a 10'x15 storage unit, which also houses a small car. We had what Adria called a "humungo" garage sale and sold, then donated, it ALL! What a feeling of freedom and relief. We know the Lord is preparing us for something special. Even the kids have enjoyed the process of cleaning out and passing their stuff on. They loved to see other kiddos treasure their toys and stuffed animals (and it didn't hurt that they made a bunch of money, too!).

Newberg, OR will still be home base, and we will be in and out over the next year. To all of you out there with the all-famous "socialization" question, the kids are still signed up for soccer and PE and school groups, etc. No worries! Over the winter months, we'll be there a lot. Unless we can get to Florida and Haiti. ;) We are now in Eugene, OR and are gradually moving south, while Michael sprays timber (keeping weeds down so newly planted forest can survive easier). We don't know what's next, and we are liking it that way. After all, we're on an adventure!

Homespot #3

Kitchen (the door goes to kids' room)
Living room (door goes to master bedroom)
Washer/dryer! SO cool!



  1. Awesome!We can't believe you're already in Eugene! How was the Combine Derby? We look forward to reading about your many adventures!!!

  2. Yay! Can't wait to read about your adventures!

  3. Rhonda, the combine derby was so fun. The best part for all if us though was the truck tug of war. What we do for entertainment is amazing!

  4. All the comforts of fun for all of you! Are you keeping a daily journal of your adventures? This is a time you'll treasure in memory forever.

    God bless. Love you all,

  5. Well! I'm gonna miss u all,especially the kids. I'm glad you are doing what God is calling you to do. be blessed! Love u all.

    1. Palto, we should be back in Newberg this weekend. Maybe you can stay with us on Sat night?