Monday, March 18, 2013

All over the place!

Today Michael and the kids counted the states we've been to as a family and came up with 19. Kalem and Adria are pretty proud of that, and said, "We only have 31 more to go mom!" This week, it seems like we may get to them all! We've been to 12 of those 19 just since December, and 4 of them this week. We are having quite an adventure!

Right now, we are in Joliet, IL - near Chicago. We (the kids and I) started by flying into Philadelphia, PA last weekend and then drove to Gettysburg, PA where we met Michael. We had one, sunny day to explore there ( we will definitely be back), and then drove east to Indiana, PA (Michael flew a helicopter for a contract there). After a week there, we moved onto IL. Michael got to drive with us and on the way, we got to stop in Mt. Gilead, OH, where both of my parents were raised, and spent time with many aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was such a blessing! We missed the family reunion last summer, so we made our own!

We will probably be here for a week or so - perfect for taking our spring break (even with much snow on the way!) to celebrate mine and Kalem's birthdays. After that, we may be on to Texas or.....who knows! Maybe we'll hit 20 or 25 states!

We have only 11 weeks until we go to Switzerland for Helimission's Candidate Decision Camp. We will be sending more detailed information regarding that soon. Be on the lookout!

God bless and Happy Spring!

Fawn, for the whole family

Can you guess which 19 states we've been to?

We got to celebrate 4 birthdays at once.

Had a ride in Uncle Don's 1929 Model A. So neat!

We have a picture like this from when we were engaged - on the same bench.

Got to show the kids my grandpa and grandma's property.

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