Friday, December 20, 2013

Patience in Paradise

In complete spontaneity, as we tend to operate, we decided to hitch a military flight to Hawaii and spend some family time together. It's something we've always wanted to do, and since Michael had some time off work (and it was cold and miserable where we live), we thought "Let's go for it!".

Aboard an Air Force C130

Over the Pacific

This is good for us. Not only because we got a few days to play together on the most beautiful beach we've seen in a long time, but also because when a retired person attempts to fly on military flights to and from California and Hawaii the week before Christmas, especially with children, the patience muscle definitely gets exercised. Since we are retired status, we fall low on the list compared to active duty personnel, which is basically everyone else. So we have spent quite a bit of time in the terminal in CA and in the one where I now write in HI, waiting for a flight that is not already full. We've seen many come and go.

Hawaii is not a bad place to get stuck, but when one is ready to be home, especially to spend Christmas with family, any delay is frustrating. So, we're thinking of it like "missionary training". We have to be resourceful with our money while we wait - we're not able to finance an "endless summer" - and we have to have balance in our attitudes, having gratefulness while we wait. We have to understand that sometimes, the system doesn't work like we want it to, and most of all, we have to constantly choose to ask the Lord what He has us in this place at this moment for.

 We have had a wonderful time. All of us enjoy exploring and learning new cultures. This is the most different from our own culture that our kids have experienced, and it's been fun and a little enlightening to see them taste new foods, hear a new language, and talk with people of a different heritage. We're excited to experience Indonesia with them!

We met another family with 5 kids, and quickly made friends, including sharing a rental van for a day.   

The military beach on the East shore that we got to visit.

Shave ice in Hale'iwa

We all learned much about the attack on Pearl Harbor and WWII

The USS Arizona memorial (USS Missouri in the background)

Michael and Fawn
Kalem and Adria